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What to expect during your visit to Kirkwood Camp & Adventure Park


  • When you arrive, you will be greeted by staff at the Welcome Center & Admission Booth. At check-in you will receive all of the information you need for your visit. This will include your Kirkwood Camp & Adventure Park memberships, wristbands, and a map of Kirkwood Camp & Adventure Park's campus.

  • Please be sure to wear your wristband while on Kirkwood Camp & Adventure Park property. Our staff will be available for any questions you may have.

  • Food and drink are available for purchase at Mama’s Kitchen as well as Kirkwood Camp & Adventure Park merchandise such as sunscreen, towels, shirts and hats, souvenir cups, and many other items. Don’t forget to stop by if you forget to bring anything and pick up something to remember your visit.

  • We have changing areas for individuals and families, as well as lockers, located at the Main Lodge to make your visit easier for storing your items while you enjoy all that we have to offer.

  • Our lake has a beach area and our Splash Blast Lake Obstacle Course. Please note that a life jacket must be worn at all times while in and around the lake. Life jackets are provided and can be picked up from the Life Jacket Booth near the beach. Don’t forget to return your life vest after use, and rinse off at the outdoor showers. Outside life jackets are not permitted.

  • Our Picnic Grove in the shade is a great place to enjoy some treats from Mama’s Kitchen and just relax. 

  • Gopher’s Ground Games area is a great place for some out-of-the-water fun for all ages. Please bring your ID with you, as you will need to leave your ID with a staff member in order to use the game area. Don’t forget to pick up your ID once you are finished enjoying the games.

  • Timberline Canopy Trail is a nice way to end your visit or take a break from the sun and water. Experience the beauty of Kirkwood Camp and Adventure Park from above as you walk through the heights of our pines.

  • Lots of new exciting attractions are coming soon in 2022. Visit our Attractions & Amenities page for more details.

  • When you are ready to head home don’t forget to return any life vests you may have used, and if you use the ground games area please be sure to pick up your ID.

  • Please note that Kirkwood Camp & Adventure Park does not permit outside food and drinks, coolers, or grills. Exceptions include: snack sized items, bottled water, baby food and formula, and items essential to an individual's health and medical wellness.

  • Kirkwood Camp & Adventure Park is a smoke free, drug free, and alcohol free property. No smoking, alcoholic beverages, or drugs are allowed on the premises.

  • Only service animals are permitted at Kirkwood Camp & Adventure Park. Other animals and pets are not permitted on the property.

  • Starting in 2022, guests 5 years and under will be free.

  • Height restrictions apply to some attractions, as well as other Policies and Safety Guidelines. Please visit our Attractions & Amenities page for more information.

If you have any questions about your visit or need more information please stop by the entrance gate and speak with one of our friendly staff members. 


We can’t wait to see you on your next visit! Thanks for coming to Kirkwood Camp & Adventure Park where you can find fun, friendship and adventure every day.


Please contact with any questions you may have prior to your visit.

All guests must agree to abide by Kirkwood’s COVID-19 safety protocol while on Kirkwood’s property. Please contact us at 937-382-3535 with any questions.



Click on the map icon to download our  campus map

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